weeping / creeping

by Downstaaiirs

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released March 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Downstaaiirs Santa Cruz, California

Some toys makin' music.

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Track Name: Thoughtograph
chase myths cause we spent lots of money
no waste
no waste
i'm happy if you're happy
but sometimes i wonder where we're gonna go
when we fade away
but does it really matter?
does it really matter?
i'm afraid not my friend, but i love you
i love you.

scratch at my knee and i start to think..
nothing really but i'm smiling for the first time in years
surrounded by my friends and demons

do you feel like this is real?
bodies washing on the shore, eroded by the sand
is this the end?
does it really matter?
Track Name: God Damn City
lost my mother to the tenderloin
my father to a golf course
here i am leaked in the gutter
find my way home

teeth only unclench when i dribble words
but the ride i'm taking it will be alone
no need for words
no need for anything
i'm on my way to where i should be

the smile i wear
the wheel i squeeze
you will stay in the clouds
watch as i drive into the night like some stupid fucking movie

no one's gonna save your baby boy
we're gonna drag him straight to hell.
Track Name: Zzaj Keed
my mother cries her tears in mason jars
and she sells em to the man upstairs
she labels them so he knows what to feel
when the dam breaks
and i watch him from a distance
as he takes advantage of the feelings we feel
Track Name: Wish You Had
I awoke to a gentle brush across my lips
only to discover deaths cold calming kiss
he holds my hands
death's my boyfriend
he brings me love in the form of skinless digits
he rubs them in circles around my temple
and he tells me where he's been
black noise fills me
black noise
Track Name: Graveyard Shift
saw you sitting on his pressed out stomach like a throne
a human throne
using facial features as a shelf for your spine
and then warp him with your mind to walk like a moving statue
i followed you on all fours
to the same park
i perched and watched you slow it down
i watched you slow it down
Track Name: So Much $$
hung it on my wall
show you what i've done